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Photographing Mesa Arch In 5 Easy Steps!

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  1. Mike says:

    How much time there is to catch the red glow? Just the ballpark

    1. The Mileonaire says:

      Hey, the red glow is there quite long…I would say around 20 minutes if I remember correctly! It’s there from the moment the sun peaks on the horizon until it’s risen quite a bit, so no rush there.

  2. John says:

    Thank you for the article and info! I’m a budding enthusiast. I’ll be in the area in early August and am planning on shooting the arch. I’m expecting a mob, so I plan to leave extra early. I’m also going with the expectation of not getting my “ideal” shot due to the crowds. Knowing whatever I do capture will be great. You mentioned needing a longer exposure time to balance out the f/22 aperture. How long of an exposure do you recommend?

    1. The Mileonaire says:

      Hey John, thanks for the kind words! When I set the ISO to 100-200 and the aperture to f/22, I normally do multiple shots with different exposure times. In the examples above I had 5 shots with exposure times from 1/30s to 8s, and the ideal shot is somewhere in the middle (or you put them together as an HDR). It depends a lot on the gear you’re using, so I’d recommend adjusting the exposure time (while ISO/aperture stays the same) to see which exposure level looks best.

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